Project nominated for the Excellence in LCA Steelie Award 2021

In India, the Confederation of Indian Industry Green Business Centre, CII GBC, operates the Type-I Ecolabel programme called “GreenPro Certification” for building materials, and standards have been developed for building materials to enable the sustainable manufacturing of these materials and to promote the use of sustainably manufactured materials with a lower environmental impact.

However, until recently, there was no such standard developed for steel rebars which is one of the basic materials required for the construction of buildings.

Tata Steel initiated the idea with the CII GBC to develop an Ecolabel standard for steel rebars in India to promote sustainable manufacturing and products with reduced environmental impacts.

This is the first Ecolabel developed for steel rebars in India and will benefit not only the entire rebar manufacturers of the country (including all manufacturing routes), but also retail consumers who are looking to use a comparatively sustainable product.

GreenPro for steel rebar is the first Ecolabel that supports the life cycle environmental improvements of the entire steel industry of the country, including the secondary steel makers, which are relatively larger in numbers.

It is also essential to reduce the environmental footprint of steel rebars manufactured across the country with the potential increase in the construction sector in India.