Blog – Steel Safety Day 2019: Why Process Safety Management matters

28 March 2019

With a month to go until Steel Safety Day, worldsteel Safety, Health and Environment Director Andrew Purvis explains why Process Safety Management should be taken seriously. Read more

Blog: How steel enables resource efficiency and innovation

11 March 2019

worldsteel's Head of Environment Åsa Ekdahl discusses the many creative initiatives the steel industry is taking to optimise resource efficiency and advance sustainable consumption and production. Read more

Blog – Top 10 digital trends for the steel industry – part two

19 February 2019

worldsteel Communications Officer Alistair Wragg explores another 5 digital trends to monitor in 2019. This is a follow up to part one released last week. Read more

Blog – Top 10 digital trends: What’s around the corner – part one

14 February 2019

This blog looks at 10 digital trends we should keep an eye on in 2019 whilst sharing a few examples of steel companies already leading the way. Read more

Blog: Message from the Director General

29 January 2019

worldsteel Director General Edwin Basson reflects on the two main challenges the steel industry will need to address in 2019. Read more

Blog: Life cycle data – key to the circular economy

24 January 2019

worldsteel LCI Manager Iain Millar gives insight into the methodology we use to reduce the overall environmental impact of steel products. Read more

Blog: India to significantly boost demand for steel

15 January 2019

worldsteel's Head of Data Management Adam Szewczyk explores the factors driving steel demand in India, a country now ranked the second largest steel producer in the world. Read more

Blog: How China is improving its air quality

10 January 2019

Air quality control is a major priority for the steel industry. worldsteel's Head of Environment Åsa Ekdhal discusses the measures taken in China to cut emissions. Read more