11 June 2019

Sir Henry Bessemer Lecture 2019 – GREENSTEEL: a new era for steel
Illuminate, Science Museum, London, UK
Thursday 11 July at 17:00

In this public lecture, Jon Bolton, Director: Liberty Steel Global Business Development (Bessemer Gold Medallist 2019), will propose that increased use of existing capital efficient technologies (including local resources in the form of scrap and renewable energy which can lead to zero CO2 emissions) can help the UK reduce its major dependence on imported steel with concomitant economic benefits.  He will argue that the steel industry must develop these technologies simultaneously addressing the needs of consumer and the planet, with GREENSTEEL being an example of what is possible.

The lecture is free of charge, open to all but you need to register if you plan to attend. Further information and registration at https://www.iom3online.org/bessemerlecture

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