8 December 2021

constructsteel December newsletter

Topics include market trends in construction, promoting sustainable construction materials, and breaking down the US Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

30 November 2021

Steel E-Motive design unveiled

Today WorldAutoSteel is revealing Steel E-Motive's exterior styling at EV Tech 2021 in Stuttgart, Germany. Steel E-Motive is a fully autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) steel-enabled vehicle.

10 November 2021

November constructsteel newsletter

Construction market trends and an interview with Dutt Thirumalai from Saint-Gobain on developing solutions addressing climate change and raw materials depletion.

12 October 2021

constructsteel October newsletter

Topics include changes in the workplace and the imperatives for real-estate owners and operators, the latest market trends, and an overview of the top steel construction news headlines.

WorldAutoSteel futuristic
22 September 2021

Steel industry releases fully updated AHSS Application Guidelines Version 7.0

The leading source for technical best practices on the forming and joining of Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) for vehicle manufacture is released today by WorldAutoSteel.

8 September 2021

What makes 3rd generation AHSS grades so unique?

How have advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) evolved? What is their added value? What role will they play in autonomous electric vehicle design?

8 September 2021

September constructsteel newsletter

A monthly update for the construction industry: steel market trends, an example of a record-time pre-fabricated construction, and an insight into the decarbonisation opportunity.

8 July 2021

July constructsteel newsletter

An interview on positioning steel in short and medium span bridges, the emerging revolution in road construction and the latest construction market trends.

10 June 2021

June constructsteel newsletter

This monthly newsletter keeps you up to date with developments affecting the global construction industry, the latest market trends, and more.