Climeworks carbon collector unit
6 February 2020

Steel-built carbon capture machines are removing CO2 from the air

The Climeworks project has set up a carbon capture and storage facility at a remote site in Iceland.

Yara Birkeland autonomous ship
20 January 2020

Artificial intelligence, steel and the future of shipping

Shipping is set to change as new technologies go mainstream, but steel will remain indispensable.

Row of BelAz 75710 dump trucks
13 January 2020

World’s biggest dump truck runs on steel

Able to carry loads of 450 tonnes, the BelAZ 75710 is the biggest dump truck on the planet and is built on advanced high-strength steel (AHSS).

Aerial view of Huangtengxia Tianmen Sky Walk
16 December 2019

Glass corridor in China takes tourists above the clouds

This stunning steel-built tourist attraction in China features the world’s biggest piece of glass, among other record-breaking engineering feats.

9 December 2019

Wheelchair rugby athletes look to steel

Steel-built bumpers allow rugby wheelchairs to repeatedly absorb the impacts of high level professional play without affecting performance.

Ten Fold Technology
2 December 2019

‘Foldable’ tech revolutionises temporary structures

British firm Ten Fold Engineering has developed buildings that can be transported on the back of a lorry and put up in a mere 10 minutes.

A view of the Tintagel Bridge in Cornwall, UK
18 November 2019

Tintagel bridge relies on steel to recreate historic crossing

What was the burning question facing the engineering team behind Cornwall’s new Tintagel Bridge?

4 November 2019

Corkscrew design pushes architectural boundaries

Torre Helea in Puebla City, Mexico uses a unique steel cantilever structure to create a ‘corkscrew’ design that gives its apartments a 360° panoramic view.

Jewel Changi airport indoor waterfall
31 October 2019

Jewel Changi airport is majestic architectural feat

A glittering, multi-faceted steel and glass dome covers spectacular indoor gardens at Singapore’s newly opened Jewel Changi Airport