PDF by email | 2021 | EN

The worldsteel map of China steel mills has been updated and is now available in its 2021 format.

The map shows the geographical and economic landscape of the country’s steel industry at a glance.

It includes information such as:

• Crude steel production by company 2020
• Production of crude steel, iron ore and coke by province 2020
• Crude steel production and apparent crude steel use since 2002
• Apparent crude steel use per capita since 2002
• Structure of iron ore supply since 2002


  • The 2021 version of the map is available in PDF format only.
  • The data featured concerns 2020. The map does not include data on any mergers & acquisitions that occurred in 2021.

The map is free for worldsteel member companies on the extranet via this link.

Price: 90.00