Sustainability is a business requirement and no longer optional. Ethical and socially responsible companies need to be able to demonstrate to their stakeholders how they perform and where they are heading regarding many aspects of environmental, social and economic governance.

worldsteel has taken a new purpose-driven and action-oriented approach to encourage steel producers and associations to be proactively engaged in worldsteel’s sustainability programmes and to continue to progress in their sustainability journey.

The newly updated worldsteel Sustainability Charter includes 9 principles and 20 criteria covering the areas of environment, social, governance and economics (ESGE). To sign the Charter, steel companies must meet the 20 criteria.

It is also a step forward in harmonising existing worldsteel sustainability activities, including the 8 Sustainability Indicators, worldsteel Day for Safety and Health, the LCI data collection programme and the annual Steelie Awards. Signing of the Charter is an eligibility criterion for worldsteel’s Sustainability Champions Recognition Programme.

The leaders of 40 worldsteel members have signed the 2023 worldsteel Sustainability Charter, reaffirming their commitment to the updated nine sustainability principles and have been recognised as a Charter Member.

2023 Sustainability Charter

Version 2, updated on 30 April 2023



2023 Charter Member organisations

wordsteel has recognised more than 40 producers and associations that are proactively engaged in our sustainability programmes.