One major benefit of membership of worldsteel is the opportunity to meet other industry professionals from around the world.

Every October, worldsteel hosts a General Assembly for its members to meet. The Executive Committee and Board meetings are held at the same time in different locations around world. The General Assembly includes a series of presentations, panel and discussion sessions. Members may download the papers from the member-only extranet following the event.

In 2020 and 2021, the meetings took place online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The General Assembly 2022 was held in Brussels. If you are a member of worldsteel, contact for more details.

Conference Venue Year
General Assembly 2022 Brussels, Belgium 2022
General Assembly 2021 Online (due to COVID-19) 2021
Governance meetings 2020 Online (due to COVID-19) 2020
General Assembly 2019 Monterrey, Mexico 2019
General Assembly 2018 Tokyo, Japan 2018
General Assembly 2017 Brussels, Belgium 2017
worldsteel-50 Dubai, UAE 2016
worldsteel-49 Chicago, USA 2015
worldsteel-48 Moscow, Russian Federation 2014
worldsteel-47 São Paulo, Brazil 2013
worldsteel-46 New Delhi, India 2012
worldsteel-45 Paris, France 2011
worldsteel-44 Tokyo, Japan 2010
worldsteel-43 Beijing, China 2009
IISI-42 Washington DC, USA 2008
IISI-41 Berlin, Germany 2007
IISI-40 Buenos Aires, Argentina 2006
IISI-39 Seoul, South Korea 2005
IISI-38 Istanbul, Turkey 2004
IISI-37 Chicago, USA 2003
IISI-36 Rome, Italy 2002
IISI-35 Seoul, South Korea (cancelled) 2001
IISI-34 Melbourne, Australia 2000
IISI-33 Mexico City, Mexico 1999
IISI-32 Taipei, Taiwan, China 1998
IISI-31 Vienna, Austria 1997
IISI-30 Helsinki, Finland 1996
IISI-29 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1995
IISI-28 Colorado Springs, USA 1994
IISI-27 Paris, France 1993
IISI-26 Tokyo, Japan 1992
IISI-25 Montreal, Canada 1991
IISI-24 Sydney, Australia 1990
IISI-23 Berlin, Germany 1989
IISI-22 Seoul, South Korea 1988
IISI-21 Washington DC, USA 1987
IISI-20 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1986
IISI-19 London, UK 1985
IISI-18 Chicago, USA 1984
IISI-17 Vienna, Austria 1983
IISI-16 Tokyo, Japan 1982
IISI-15 Toronto, Canada 1981
IISI-14 Madrid, Spain 1980
IISI-13 Sydney, Australia 1979
IISI-12 Colorado Springs, USA 1978
IISI-11 Rome, Italy 1977
IISI-10 Osaka, Japan 1976
IISI-9 Mexico City, Mexico 1975
IISI-8 Munich, Germany 1974
IISI-7 Johannesburg, South Africa 1973
IISI-6 London, UK 1972
IISI-5 Toronto, Canada 1971
IISI-4 Paris, France 1970
IISI-3 Tokyo, Japan 1969
IISI-2 Los Angeles, USA 1968
IISI-1 Brussels, Belgium 1967