Scott Chubbs, Director, steeluniversity

7 September 2018

steeluniversity was an early adopter of e-learning and developer of online simulators to make training more accessible. The courses went live in 2002, and since then, hundreds of thousands of people increased their knowledge of steel manufacturing and use. I am pleased to say the innovation continues today as new learning is introduced, including our online business game, introduction to life cycle assessment course, and new 3D safety game, with more people discovering our online learning.

A highlight of the year is our annual competition, steelChallenge, for students and industry professionals to showcase their steelmaking abilities using steeluniversity’s simulators. Registration for steelChallenge-13 is now open.

The Regional Championship takes place from 12.00 UTC on 28 November 2018 and runs for 24 hours.

This year, the participants will be tasked with making steel in the basic oxygen furnace simulator and then refine the steel in the secondary steelmaking simulator. A grade of steel design for the competition will be used, and the top 10 participants who make the required steel at the lowest cost will be invited to the World Championship in Madrid, Spain.

There were 1,515 participants in the previous steelChallenge. Of these, 1,037 competed in the student category and 478 competed in the industry category. The breakdown of student and industry participation by region is shown in the following two charts.

Amazingly, 175,000 attempts were made to produce steel. You can see how these attempts were distributed in the chart below.

steelChallenge-13 brings some important changes to the competition rules. First, the industry category is now open to everyone, regardless of their years of experience. Second, participants need only complete one successful run of the combined simulators to register a result.

Discover more at, including the great prizes to be won. Sign up for an account on the website, register for steelChallenge-13, take the courses, and practice with the simulators.

Maybe I’ll see you in Madrid!