The World Steel Association provides the following services:
  • provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and discussion of problems relating to the steel industry
  • undertake research in and studies of all aspects of the steel industry, whether of a scientific, technological, economic, sociological, legal or other nature
  • collect, disseminate and maintain statistics and information concerning any matters affecting the steel industry
  • create within worldsteel when appropriate fora of specialised steel producers to meet and discuss matters of particular concern to the producers
  • disseminate, to the extent it deems appropriate, by any means, to regional, national and international organisations or agencies, public or private, and to the public in general, the results of its activities
  • promote the interests and welfare of the steel industry
  • in general do any and all lawful things necessary in connection with, or incidental to, the accomplishment of any of the services above enumerated without pecuniary profit to the association or any member thereof.