Blog: Steel Safety Day 2022 – Working at heights

28 April 2022

Today is Steel Safety Day, an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to safety and health. In this blog, worldsteel Head of Safety and Health Carlos Martinez discusses why we should prioritise working at heights safely. Read more

Blog: worldsteel’s new Sustainability Charter – moving the industry forward

3 March 2022

In this blog, Clare Broadbent, worldsteel’s Head of Sustainability, discusses how the steel industry can contribute to building a more sustainable world, and talks about the launch of our new Sustainability Charter. Read more

Blog: China’s drive towards a low-carbon future and challenges ahead

28 January 2022

worldsteel Deputy Director General Frank Zhong outlines the measures and initiatives put in place in China to lower carbon emissions and what could slow the pace of decarbonisation. Read more

Blog: New year message from the Director General

7 January 2022

worldsteel Director General Edwin Basson outlines our three top priorities for 2022. Read more

Blog: The need for an evolution in safety and health

2 December 2021

worldsteel and our members are actively working to enhance and evolve current culture and leadership practices in our industry. Find out more in our blog post on the subject. Read more

Blog: COP26 – Steel in the Glasgow Breakthroughs Programme

8 November 2021

Andrew Purvis, Director, Safety, Environment and Technology at worldsteel, discusses what is probably the most important new high-level initiative presented at COP26, ‘The Breakthrough Agenda’, launched by the UK Presidency. Read more

Blog: COP 26 – the last best chance?

4 November 2021

Andrew Purvis, Director, Safety, Environment and Technology at worldsteel is in Glasgow at COP26 and will keep us up to date with discussions or decisions being made affecting the steel industry. This is one of a series. Read more

Blog: What makes 3rd generation AHSS grades so unique?

8 September 2021

How have advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) evolved? What is their added value? What role will they play in autonomous electric vehicle design? Read more

Blog: Low-carbon development at HBIS

18 June 2021

Like other steel producers around the world, HBIS recognises that the steel industry’s contributions to climate change are under scrutiny. worldsteel and HBIS Chairman YU Yong outlines HBIS' plans for low-carbon development. Read more

Blog: Preventing serious incidents resulting from moving machinery

28 April 2021

Today is Steel Safety Day. Steel Safety Day was set up to reinforce awareness of the five most common causes of safety incidents. This year we are focusing on preventing incidents resulting from moving machinery. Read more