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With this subscription, you will receive monthly iron and crude steel production figures, the latter from the 71 countries that provide data to worldsteel on a monthly basis, for the current year and the previous year.

Individuals access the data by logging into the worldsteel data platform with a personal username and password automatically issued at the time of purchase. The data can be easily downloaded in Excel format once payment has been processed.

The subscription gives access to the platform for 12 consecutive months. The annual fee is €1,485 and includes access to all the data in the Steel Statistical Yearbook (contents), also available in a convenient Excel format. A PDF version can also be downloaded from the platform.

The iron and steel data for a given month’s production is uploaded between 21st and 25th of the following month i.e. January 2024 data is available in February 2024. Subscribers receive an email notification when a given month’s data is accessible.

If you are interested only in the Steel Statistical Yearbook in Excel format, another subscription is on offer in our bookshop.

Download here an example of the 2018 Steel Statistical Yearbook in PDF format.

Employees of worldsteel member companies have free access to the system via the worldsteel extranet; click here.

Subscribers with valid credentials should log in via this link here.

The data included in this subscription is subject to worldsteel copyright. The data can be used internally but not shared with a third party.

Please contact Marika Dzhidzhelava, Accountant (, for any questions regarding invoicing.

Please contact Adam Szewczyk, Head, Data Management (, for any questions about your subscription.

Price 1,485.00
All subscriptions are entitled to register one administrator account plus a number of extra user accounts, as selected below