Programme nominated for the Excellence in Education and Training Steelie Award 2023

Action Learning Project (ALP) at JSW involves the identification of topics, planning and implementation of the project geared towards achieving a desired outcome. These ALPs have the potential for organisational change, as a successful project may lead to new
processes, systems, or strategies that can improve the organisation’s overall performance.

The process involves determining the project goals and the team composition, which is heterogeneous in nature. The members in the group are spread across functions, location and grade seniority. Over a period of time, our ALPs have evolved and are mostly around
sustainability, digitisation and the enhancement of people practices, knowledge and competencies.

Most ALPs have been implemented, and some also have a wide range of possible business impacts. In the year 2022, 132 projects from the Technical Leaders Programme, FutureFit Leaders Programme, Summer Internship and Management Internship Programmes have
resulted in potential annual savings of INR 1683 Cr.

So far, year on year through our internship programmes we had more than 200 new projects and ideas and innovative ways of working ideas generated with 50% of them being utilised. The Technical Leaders Programme, which kick-started last year, is also a
year-on-year programme to develop at least 1,000 technical leaders in the next five years, potentially resulting in overall estimated savings of INR 3188 Cr.

This is a continuous process at JSW. The identified leaders will be taking up future technical leadership roles at JSW spearheading technical projects.