Winner of the Excellence in communications Steelie Award 2021

POSCO unveiled Park1538, a complex cultural space which encompasses exciting steel-related contents and various cultural attractions, on March 31, 2021. The name combines ‘Park,’ referring to the cultural space that showcases the various applications of steel, and ‘1538°c’, the melting point of steel. With POSCO Museum and POSCO History Museum nestled at the centre, Park1538 includes the waterside park, sky bridge, and steel artworks by world-famous artists, which add finesse to steel’s ultimate beauty.

Park1538 was designed with a concept of an infinite loop to symbolise the sustainability of steel, a highly versatile and infinitely reusable material that is an inseparable part of human evolution: past, present, and future. The elegant curves of the museum buildings were designed and produced by 3D engineering technologies and 446M stainless steel standing atop 100% iron frames.

The goal of Park1538 is to portray the role of steel in advancing human civilisation expressively and interactively. To do so, Park1538 showcases how steel shapes future megatrends, such as Neo Mobility, Mega City, and Eco Energy.

Park1538 is open to the public. We invite everyone from steel industry professionals to locals to come and understand the present and future values of steel, which we have carefully curated. Ultimately, those who take an interest in our values help shape POSCO’s reputation and that of the steel industry.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, over 10,000 visitors enjoyed Park1538 in the first four months of its opening. And its virtual experience videos on Youtube recorded 331,908 total views.