Project nominated for the Excellence in Sustainability Steelie Award 2021

A huge amount of waste heat resources are associated with the production processes of the steel industry, of which a large quantity of medium and low-temperature waste heat is still emitted directly, resulting in energy waste and an increase in environmental thermal effects.

After more than ten years of assiduous research, this project has revealed three major reasons for the low utilisation rate of steel waste heat and has proposed corresponding solutions.

At the same time, it has put forward the industrial waste heat cascade comprehensive utilisation (RRUC) system method and filled the gap between the basic theory of energy cascade utilisation and field engineering practice.

It has developed the key technology for high-efficiency recovery of typical medium and high-temperature waste heat with intermittent fluctuations of dust and sulphur and applied them in coke ovens, electric furnaces etc.

It has also developed a series of advanced technologies for low-temperature waste heat utilisation and applied them in sintering, steel rolling and etc.

This project forms a set of steel industrial waste heat cascade comprehensive utilisation system methods and technical systems.

At present, it has been applied in Baosteel, Shaosteel, Eastern Steel and other corporations and has achieved significant economic, environmental and social benefits.