LRPI Remanufacturing

LRPI Remanufacturing focuses on the remanufacturing of Standard Exchange products for all types of vehicles. The products include primarily, pumps, injectors and particulate filters.  The company is located in Saint Jean-Bonnefonds, France. LRPI have accumulated over 30 years of experience within their industry.

  • As of 2022, LRPI renovates 30 000 products a year and anticipates in the future, they will be able to increase capacity to up to 100 000
  • LRPI is of the top 5 European remanufacturers in their sector
  • LRPI develops local infrastructure by offering local jobs and providing an employee-led business.

Product attributes:

  • Injection pumps and injectors are remanufactured across the automotive, heavy-duty and construction machinery sectors.
  • Products are offered at 50% of the cost of buying a new product.
  • All products come with a 2-year warranty or 60 000km, matching the warranty of OEM parts.
  • 80% material savings through remanufactured injectors vs OEM

LRPI is looking to expand its operations to understand the remanufacturing of particulate filters, starters and traction batteries.

LRPI also plans to remain within the diesel-car sector. They understand that EVs entering the market will increase as a result of legislation; however, internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEV) cars will still be a major part of the car park for which LRPI will still provide parts.

LRPI Remanufacturing is a founding member of France Auto Reman, an organisation which brings together remanufacturers and refurbishers of  auto parts and equipment. Additionally, they advocate for a sector-wide transition to the circular economy.

Product traceability

  • Products are certified by the original manufacturer through identifier codes, increasing traceability and highlighting where the product has been remanufactured.
  • With the potential introduction of product passports, traceability may be further developed.

Relationship with OEMs

  • LRPI is officially partnered with 3 key OEMs (Bosch, Delphi Technologies, and Continental VDO) to remanufacture their parts.
  • The quality of the remanufactured products must align with OEM remanufacturing standards.
  • To ensure quality is standardised between the three partners, LRPI is audited once a year.