The organisations listed below are accredited members of the worldsteel Climate Action Data Collection Programme.  The recognition period is for one year (Sept 2023 – Sept 2024), for the collection of data referring to 2022. The accredited organisations are recognised as Climate Action Data Providers (formerly named ‘Climate Action members’). 

A report is available for participating companies only. In case you would like to receive this report, please contact

Data submission opens in February and runs until the last working day of May. The list of companies granted a Climate Action Certificate for the last completed data submission cycle is published on in September.

Each asterisk indicates a five-year consecutive contribution to the programme. When there are three asterisks alongside the name, this means that a company has contributed to the programme for 15 consecutive years or more.

The Climate Action Data Collection Programme was started in 2008. More information on all our benchmarking programmes is available via this page on this website. These programmes are exclusively available to worldsteel member companies.

For further details, please contact