Åsa Ekdahl

Head, Environment and Climate Change, World Steel Association

Secretary to worldsteel’s Environment Committee (ECO)
Open Forum convener

In 2022, on average, every tonne of steel produced led to the emission of 1.91 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. 1,885 million tonnes (Mt) of steel were produced that year, leading to total direct emissions from the steel industry of around 3.6 billion tonnes of CO2, representing between 7% and 9% of global emissions.

The production of steel is clearly a CO2 and energy-intensive industrial activity. However, the steel industry fully supports the aims of the Paris Agreement and is committed to continuing to reduce the footprint from its operations and the use of its products.

Along with the Breakthrough Technology Conference, worldsteel’s Open Forum is one of two annual events that come under the umbrella of Climate Action.

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