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These images and videos were commissioned by worldsteel and shot by world-leading photographers and videographers.

Why have we done this?

Steel needed an update. Too many outdated images of steel production exist, often depicting illegal practices with low regard for health and safety of the steel workers involved.

At worldsteel, it is our role to ensure that the safety of our workers and anyone involved in the steel production process, is prioritised at all times. We have taken huge strides to improve production practices so we want to ensure that the public sees the efforts we have put in – and continue to put in – to safeguard our workers. Meanwhile, the high production quality ensures you get maximum engagement with your viewers and readers.

We are continuing to photograph and video more practices at more locations from around the world, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for today, try again tomorrow.

Steel never looked so good.


How it works

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