Scott Chubbs, Director, steeluniversity

17 April 2018

The 12th edition of steelChallenge concludes 10th April 2018 in Mumbai. steelChallenge is worldsteel’s annual steelmaking competition for students and people new to the industry.

From 1,515 participants, 10 finalists were identified from the Regional Championship held 29 November 2017. Learn more about the finalists on the steeluniversity website.

steeluniversity provides online learning, including courses, simulators, 3D models and games for people to increase their knowledge of steelmanufacturing and use. steelChallenge encourages use of the steelmaking simulators as an effective way to practise steelmaking.

The competition to become World Champion takes place over two hours. The challenge this year was to make the correct grade of engineering steel at the lowest cost using steeluniversity’s Secondary Steelmaking simulator.

It was an intense two hours as everyone concentrated on refining their ladle of molten steel. Calculations were done to determine how much of each alloying element to add, the temperature of the steel was closely watched, and the processing had to be completed in time to deliver the steel for casting.

Take a turn on steeluniversity’s secondary steelmaking simulator to see how you do. It’s the same simulator as used for steelChallenge.

The awards ceremony took place in the afternoon. The worldsteel Board of Directors welcomed the finalists and celebrated their accomplishment. It was quite noticeable how pleased the Directors were to meet the finalists.

Check’s press release to discover the World Champions of steelChallenge-12.