25 October 2021 Online

steeluniversity welcomes recognition from SIDEREX during its STEEL TECH Congress & Expo held 19-21 October 2021 in Bilbao, Spain.

The Congress, held in partnership with the Bilbao Exhibition Centre, and with the advice of the Scientific Committee, recognises steeluniversity with the Communication Forum Award for its commitment to inspire and motivate students and steel industry people about the value of working in the steel industry, and to lead change for realising a more sustainable industry for a more sustainable world.

Scott Chubbs, Director steeluniversity, noted, “Our steeluniversity team is very pleased to receive recognition from our colleagues advancing the steel industry in the Basque Country. We look forward building on our collective interest to build motivation and skills necessary to work in the modern steel industry.”.

More information on steeluniversity can be found at https://steeluniversity.org and SIDEREX at https://www.siderex.es/en/home/. Information about the STEEL TECH Congress & Expo can be found at https://steeltech.bilbaoexhibitioncentre.com/en/.





  • steeluniversity is the education and training programme of the World Steel Association, delivering education and training to current and future employees of steel companies and related businesses.
  • SIDEREX is the Steel Cluster Association located in the Basque Country of Spain, a non-profit entity created in 1996, whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of the sector through cooperative actions between companies and other agents. SIDEREX works so that member companies strengthen their activities in areas such as internationalisation, technological and business innovation, as well as the defense of the interests of their associated companies.
  • The World Steel Association (worldsteel) is one of the largest and most dynamic industry associations in the world, with members in every major steel-producing country. worldsteel represents steel producers, national and regional steel industry associations, and steel research institutes. Members represent around 85% of global steel production.
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