10 October 2022 Brussels, Belgium

The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has announced the shortlist for the 13th Steelie Awards. The Steelie Awards recognise member companies for their contribution to the steel industry over a one-year period in a series of categories impacting the industry. The winners will be revealed on Monday 17 October. The Steelies are awarded in six categories:

Excellence in low-carbon steel production:

  • Ansteel Group Corporation Limited Low CO2 emission blast furnace charge solution based on low basicity high silicon pellets and its application
  • Ansteel Group Corporation Limited The R&D of digitisation and networking energy management system at the Bayuquan site
  • ArcelorMittal CO2 reduction by means of coke oven gas co-injection in blast furnace
  • JSW Steel Limited Project SEED (Sustainable Energy Environment and Decarbonisation)
  • Tenaris Smart furnace for scrap use optimisation based on mathematical models and data science
  • Ternium Carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) in Ternium Mexico

Innovation of the year:

  • Big River Steel, a U. S. Steel Company Development of a single phase (SP) nano-precipitation strengthened batch-annealed SP590 sheet steel with outstanding formability: a low-cost, greener DP590 alternative?
  • HYUNDAI Steel Company Development of materials for electric vehicle reducer
  • HYUNDAI Steel Company Development of 1.5 GPa hot stamping steel in conjunction with high toughness performance
  • JFE Steel Corporation Novel arc welding process for heavy-thickness steel plates with ultra-narrow groove weld joints
  • POSCO STS high-speed extended width AC electrolytic pickling technology

Excellence in sustainability:

  • Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Limited An innovative project for utilising 100% induction furnace slag to replace unsustainable fired clay bricks and stone chips in Bangladesh
  • Gerdau S.A. BIOCOKE
  •  JFE Steel Corporation Refractories for hot metal transport vessels contributing to a sustainable society
  • JSW Steel Limited Development of construction sand from waste steel slag
  • POSCO Recycling shell waste for sustainable steelmaking

Excellence in Life Cycle Assessment:

  • ArcelorMittal Carbon footprint of cold stamping and hot stamping components
  • HBIS Group Co., Ltd. Using LCA to promote the carbon emission reduction in the whole value chain of hydrogen-based DRI projects
  • JSW Steel Limited Developing and implementing an Environment Product Declaration (EPD) programme and promoting it in market communications
  • Nippon Steel Corporation EPD development for steel products
  • Tata Steel PACI – a tool to support innovation and customer engagement through life cycle thinking in the steel value chain
  • Tata Steel Using LCA to identify environmental hotspots to drive decarbonisation

Excellence in education and training:

  • Emirates Steel Arkan Career Aspirations Programme
  • HBIS Group Co., Ltd. High Skilled Talents Training Centre
  • JSW Steel Limited TalenTech
  • Tata Steel Capability Building for Agile Transformation (UDAAN)
  • Ternium Competences Certification Programme for Risky Tasks (CCRT)

Excellence in communications programmes:

  • Gerdau S.A. How the century-old Gerdau transformed its image and became the steel company with the highest global engagement
  • HYUNDAI Steel Company Children’s Vocational Experience Center
  • JSW Steel Limited ‘Always Around’ campaign
  • POSCO Programme designed to bring the steel industry closer to the social media-savvy MZ generation
  • Tata Steel Communication on diversity and inclusion
  • Tenaris New way of working and new offices
  • Ternium Ternium Safety Day

The selection process for the shortlist varies between awards. In most cases the submissions are requested via the appropriate worldsteel committee. Entries are then judged by selected expert panels.



The World Steel Association (worldsteel) is one of the largest and most dynamic industry associations in the world, with members in every major steel-producing country. worldsteel represents steel producers, national and regional steel industry associations, and steel research institutes. Members represent around 85% of global steel production.

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