steel ship
16 December 2021

World’s largest sail ship is steeled for ocean travel

The Golden Horizon is a five-masted sailing whose steel-built hull makes it capable of navigating from the Arctic to Antarctica.

steel solar panels
29 October 2021

World’s largest solar power plant delivers 24-hour energy

Noor power station in Morocco is the largest concentrated solar power plant on the planet.

A POSCO Triton block being loaded for installation
3 August 2021

Innovative use of co-products supports marine regeneration

Artificial reefs made of steel slag have been used to create sea forests off the coast of South Korea.

2 July 2021

Light steel framing expands Africa’s largest hospital in record time

A new Covid-19 facility has been built in just eight months in Soweto, South Africa, by using innovative building technologies.

18 June 2021

Inflatable steel furniture paves way for even lighter infrastructure

A Polish and Swiss design team have perfected a method of creating inflatable steel furniture which could revolutionise the wind energy and construction sectors.

Deep Storage
20 April 2021

Stainless steel sculpture will store DNA for 10,000 years

A Danish artist has worked with a team of engineers to create a unique, steel-built, free-standing sculpture that acts as a time capsule.

8 April 2021

Steel-built hyperloop technology revolutionises home delivery

Using electromagnetic motor systems powering carriages on steel rails, the Magway system takes delivery traffic off the streets and places it in pipes.

23 February 2021

Walvis Bay port expands southern Africa’s logistical capacity

A new, high-volume modern cargo handling facility has been built on reclaimed land in Namibia.

Chacao Bridge
5 February 2021

South America’s longest suspension bridge will be earthquake resistant

Chile is building a unique steel-built suspension bridge near the site of the strongest earthquake ever recorded.