Integrity at the heart of steel industry

Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our people and the health of our environment. Wherever we have worked, we have invested for the future and strived to build a sustainable world. We enable society to be the best it can be. We feel responsible; we always have. We are proud to be steel.

Key facts:

  • So far, 39 members of worldsteel have signed our 2022 Sustainability Charter committing them to improve social, economic and environmental performance actively.
  • Steel is an integral part of the circular economy promoting zero waste, reuse of resources and recycling, thus helping build a sustainable future.
  • Steel helps people in times of natural disasters; earthquakes, storms, flooding, and other catastrophes are mitigated by steel products.
  • Sustainability reporting at a global level is one of the major efforts that the steel industry undertakes to manage its performance, demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and to enhance transparency. We are one of the few industries to have done so since 2004.