Steelie Awards

The Steelie Awards recognise member companies for their contribution to the steel industry over a one-year period in a series of categories impacting the industry.

The 2023 edition took place in Shanghai, China on 16 October 2023. For more details, click on the side of this page, 2023.

The 2024 timing is as follows:

  • The nomination period starts on 1 May 2024 and closes on 31 July 2024.
  • The shortlist for each Steelie will be announced on 7 October 2024.
  • The winners will be revealed on 14 October 2024.

The selection process for nominations varies between awards. Entries are judged by selected expert panels using agreed performance criteria.

Some general rules apply:

  • Only entries from worldsteel members are accepted and all dues must have been paid
  • An entry from multiple members will be accepted, but in the event of a tie, priority will be given to a single-member entry
  • National and regional associations may only enter on behalf of their own organisation and not as a combined entry with all or some of their members
  • Multiple entries from a single member will be accepted. But it should be noted that the Steelie experience is that quality wins over quantity. We recommend that maximum effort behind a few entries pays a better dividend
  • By making an entry the member gives permission to worldsteel for the contents to be used for communications and promotion activities
  • All markings and comments are confidential and will not be made available. The judges’ decisions are final.


Six Steelie Awards categories

Category 1 | Excellence in low-carbon steel production

The production of steel remains a CO2 and energy-intensive activity. However, the steel industry is committed to continuing to reduce the footprint from its operations and the use of its products. This award recognises work that improves energy and CO2 efficiency in steel manufacturing, reduces emissions by working with partners and neighbours to create synergies, deploys breakthrough technologies, maximises scrap use and recovery, or deploys renewable energy technology.

Category 2 | Innovation of the year

This award recognises the most innovative nomination for technical improvement or environment mitigation. Nominations are sought through the worldsteel technology committee and judged by the technology and environment committee steering committee.

Category 3 | Excellence in sustainability

The excellence in sustainability award recognises a member company or a national or regional association for a specific sustainability initiative that has made a positive impact, or provided benefits in all three areas of sustainability – including economic, environmental and social performance. Additional criteria include the level of community/stakeholder communication & outreach related to the initiative. Nominations are called for through the Sustainability Reporting Expert Group and judged by a panel of internal and external judges.

Category 4 | Excellence in Life Cycle Assessment

This award recognises member companies that have played a key role in utilising the concept of life cycle thinking for overall environmental improvement in marketing and/or regulatory influence, project application and new product development. Member nominations in the form of a detailed questionnaire are called for by worldsteel. The nominations are judged by a panel of external LCA experts from around the world to ensure fair competition and raise awareness of this award outside of the global steel industry.

Category 5 | Excellence in education and training

This award recognises member companies for their leadership in enhancing the skills of the steel workforce for today and tomorrow, looking at the effectiveness of training programmes, innovation in education initiatives, impact on the workforce, and overall leadership in advancing skills development within the steel industry. Member nominations are called for by the worldsteel education and training committee and are evaluated by both internal and external judges.

Category 6 | Excellence in communications programmes

This award recognises investment and innovation in major communications programmes (internal and external) that promote the steel industry or steel as a competitive material. The programmes allowed to enter can be product promotion, corporate reputation (environment, sustainability, safety and local community/CSR) or employee communications programmes. The award covers all channels from advertising, print, marketing promotion and digital.


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