The World Steel Association (worldsteel) is a non-profit organisation with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. A second office in Beijing, China, opened in April 2006.

worldsteel is one of the largest and most dynamic industry associations in the world, with members in every major steel-producing country. worldsteel represents steel producers, national and regional steel industry associations, and steel research institutes. Members represent around 85% of global steel production.

It was founded as the International Iron and Steel Institute on 10 July 1967. It changed its name to the World Steel Association on 6 October 2008. The association celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017.


Our activity focus

Our relationship with international organisations

worldsteel maintains relations with several international organisations, including:

Our history


  • The International Iron and Steel Institute (IISI) was established on 10 July 1967.
  • In the beginning, there were 18 founding members from seven European countries and from Australia, Canada, Japan and the US.


  • Geographical coverage increases rapidly, with companies from India, Brazil and Argentina joining our membership.
  • POSCO (Korea) joined as an associate member.


  • China Steel Corporation (Taiwan,1980) and Hyundai – originally Inchon Steel – (Korea,1985) joined as associate members.


  • It was a slow decade for the recruitment of regular members but a large number of associate and affiliate members joined.
  • 1993: Sustainable development policy agreed.
  • 1994: Federations in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Czech and Slovak Republics, and Slovenia become members.
  • 1996: IISI took over the Ultra Light Steel Auto Body (ULSAB) programme.
  • 1997: Publication of the first steel industry life cycle inventory (LCI) analysis to ISO standards.


  • 2000: Nucor (US) joined as the first electric arc furnace member company.
  • 2001: The first Russian steel-producing member (Severstal) joined the association.
  • 2002: steeluniversity was launched and the climate change policy agreed.
  • 2004: Formal entry of the five largest Chinese producers as members (Baosteel, Anshan, Handan, Shougang, Wuhan), plus CISA (China Iron and Steel Association).
  • 2004: The first Sustainability Report was published and the Living Steel programme started; the second major Russian company (Evraz) joined.
  • 2006: The safety and health principles were agreed and launched; the Beijing office was opened.
  • 2008: IISI changed its name to World Steel Association (worldsteel).
  • 2009: Climate Action, a CO2 data collection programme, was initiated.


  • 2010: The first Steelie Awards ceremony was held at worldsteel’s annual conference.
  • 2011: Ian Christmas retired as Director General of worldsteel and was succeeded by Dr Edwin Basson.
  • 2014: worldsteel and its members held their first Steel Safety Day on 28 April and commit to making it an annual event.
  • 2016: Steel – the permanent material in the circular economy campaign was launched.
  • 2017: worldsteel celebrated its 50th anniversary. A Royal recognition is conferred by His Majesty Philippe of Belgium, seventh King of the Belgians.
  • 2018: worldsteel introduced its Sustainability Champions Programme to recognise members who clearly demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development and the circular economy.
  • 2019: worldsteel launched Step Up, a programme aimed at improving the operational efficiency of steel plants with a view to reducing CO2 emissions.
  • 2021: worldsteel introduced nine sustainability principles with new associated objectives and criteria, incorporating topics of ESG (environment, social and governance).
  • 2022: worldsteel publishes its new expanded Sustainability Principles Charter signed by 39 member organisations.