Project nominated for the Excellence in Communications Steelie Award 2021

This initiative outlines the overall actions due to improvements at ArcelorMittal’s Tubarão plant, highlighting technological innovation with app creation, online meetings with communities, internal communication process through sustainability agents, press interaction and others.

ArcelorMittal Tubarão took on a voluntary commitment in September 2018 – entering an Environmental Agreement Program (EAP) with the State of Espirito Santo Government and the State and Federal Public Ministries. In this agreement, the company has committed to immediately comply with 114 Guidelines and 131 targets over a five-year period.

The targets include process improvements, the use of new technologies and the installation of new equipment for environmental control. With this commitment, the company faces two major objectives and challenges: keep the environmental agencies, government and society fully informed on environmental actions with transparency and determination; and engage employees and contractors in the compliance with all guidelines and targets.

The Evoluir Programme’s main purpose is to take the environmental management to a higher level of excellence, which depends on the engagement of internal stakeholders.

It is a programme that seeks to promote a sense of belonging and ownership among all actors involved. As such, effective communication with all stakeholders has proven to be
extremely valuable.