Programme nominated for the Excellence in Communications Steelie Award 2022

JSW Steel’s new campaign ‘Always Around’ aims to highlight the central role JSW Steel plays in transforming our everyday lives by showcasing the various applications of the steel brand in an engaging and entertaining format – “Claymation”.

Insights for the campaign:

  1. Steel remains one of the most favourable metals, though the top of mind mentions have dropped in India. There is a dip in scores of “essential metals which is widely used.”
  2. Steel is one of the most versatile metals and finds its application in diverse products that has made human lives more meaningful and progressive. Yet, as consumers, we do not think about steel and often neglect to notice the significant role steel plays in our lives.

The core idea of the campaign was based on the above insights and the creatives were conceptualised to amplify the positive attributes associated with steel – strong & durable, is everywhere in your life.*

The communication is targeted at the entire value chain. While the decision makers for buying steel products are the primary audience, the campaign was also directed at other stakeholders who are relevant to our business, including partners, bankers and media.

In line with the above communication objective, the media vehicles conceptualised for this campaign included a mix of television, digital (social media, search and video platforms – YouTube, over the top channels (OTT) / online streaming services –e.g. Disney+, General &
Business News Channels) and Out of Home.

*Ipsos MORI study for worldsteel: Reputation of Steel and Steel Industry – India dated April 2018