Programme nominated for the Excellence in Communications Steelie Award 2023

In 2008, a unique initiative was born through the strategic collaboration of JSW Steel and one of India’s leading media houses, The Times of India: the Earth Care Awards (ECA).

The mission was clear: to identify, honour, and promote the commendable efforts of individuals, communities, and organisations committed to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

In the past 15 years since it was launched, 10 editions of the ECA has been run and we have recognised and honoured over 79 individuals / organisations / entities across the nation who have done exemplary work in the area of climate change mitigation.

We have showcased the 10th and the 11th edition of our Earth Care Awards. The 10th edition ran between November 2021- June 2022. And the 11th edition commenced in April of 2023 and will culminate in an award ceremony in November of 2023.