Steel slab being cut

Programme nominated for the Excellence in Low-carbon Steelie Award 2023

As a highly energy and resource intensive industry in China, the steel industry accounts for about 16% of the country’s total carbon emissions. The research and development of new low-carbon metallurgy technologies is not only needed for the national eco-environment conservation, but also for the sustainable and healthy
development of the steel industry worldwide.

Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (Bayi Iron & Steel), as one of the three low-carbon test bases of China Baowu, has undertaken the heavy mission of developing low-carbon technology of blast furnace ironmaking process in accordance with the objectives and requirements of China Baowu’s ‘Carbon peaking and Carbon Neutrality’ development strategy.

After seven years of technical exploration and research, the world’s first 400m3 industrial grade hydrogen-enriched carbonic oxide recycling oxygenate furnace (abbreviated HyCROF) was built in 2022, and a major technological breakthrough was made. Top gas recycling injection under pure oxygen blowing conditions has been realised. Production capacity has increased by 30% to 40%, and solid fuel ratio has reduced by more than 30%.

Carbon emissions per tonne of hot metal have been reduced by more than 20%. From July 2022 to July 2023, CO2 emissions of the 400m3 HyCROF have decreased by 85,021 tonnes.

At present, the 400m3 HyCROF technology has been commercialised and applied on the 2,500m3 Bayi Iron & Steel blast furnace, and after it is put into operation at the end of 2023, it will achieve an annual carbon reduction of 600,000 tonnes (equivalent to reafforestation of 813km2 in Xinjiang). If this technology is promoted and implemented in China Baowu Group in the future, it is preliminarily estimated that CO2
emissions will be reduced by more than 40 million tonnes per year.

As the largest steel enterprise in Xinjiang, Bayi Iron & Steel will continue to contribute to the green and sustainable development of Xinjiang and provide practical solutions.