Project nominated for the Excellence in low-carbon steel production Steelie 2022

In JSW’s attempt to strive for climate excellence, it has launched phase 1 of its decarbonisation programme at Vijayanagar, aiming to achieve best-in-class emissions globally within the BF-BOF route.

As part of the programme, JSW is building granular shop-specific climate action plans with clear emission baselines, targets and charters for prioritised initiatives.

JSW has set itself the goal of consuming 1GW of renewable energy in the manufacturing of steel.

As a key step towards achieving this, JSW has commissioned a 225 MW solar facility at Vijayanagar that has been operational since April 2022. This makes Vijayanagar the first steel plant in India to deploy renewable energy on a large scale.

The project was executed in record time, less than 12 months, despite several headwinds like COVID-19, elevated commodity prices and supply chain disruption.