Thyssen Krupp, Einlauf, FBA8, Dortmund, 15.07.2015

Winner of the Excellence in Life Cycle Assessment Steelie Award 2023

CITIC PACIFIC Special Steel has developed the Product Category Rule (PCR) for special steel used in automotive components in China. In this PCR, it introduces a new environmental benefits quantification model, which can be used to provide quantitative assessments of
material characteristics.

The project aims to facilitate and promote the development of green, low-carbon special steel materials, significantly reducing steel consumption, lowering energy usage during auto part making and car operation, and ultimately decreasing costs throughout the automotive industry chain while reducing pollutants and CO2 emissions.

This project has set a model for China’s low-carbon policymaking, and it will guide the release of low-carbon policies in more areas and the creation of scientific and quantitative methods to enhance China’s carbon reduction participation.

CITIC PACIFIC Special Steel has created the environmental benefit related to remanufacturing, which is one of the important areas of the circular economy, with a quantitative evaluation model and will guide the rapid development of related industries with huge economic and social benefits in store.