Monitoring iron production in the blast furnace control room

Programme nominated for the Excellence in Life Cycle Assessment Steelie Award 2023

JSW Steel has implemented LCA to validate the sustainability claims of their new steel products – AHSS CRCA 980 -for automotive steel application. The LCA has been used to quantify the environmental footprint of AHSS CRCA 980 and identify areas for improvement.

Compared to the baseline product (CRCA 590 and 780 grade), AHSS CRCA 980 enables a significant reduction in steel consumption (12%) in various auto parts. By using AHSS CRCA 980 for various automotive parts (frame front seat back, reinforcement front body, pillar, lower inner, reinforcement front floor panel), it reduced the weight of the steel production part from 33.23 kg (base steel CRCA 590 & 780) to 29.67 kg. After stamping and cutting in the part production, 27.08 kg AHSS CRCA 980 finally goes into the vehicle as against the previous weight of 30.33 kg, which helps to reduce the environmental performance through the life cycle.

In FY 2022-23, JSW Steel has replaced ~700 tonnes of CRCA 590 & 780 with AHSS CRCA 980, thus delivering benefits to the customers. It helps customers reduce 11,165 tonnes of CO2 scope 3 emissions in FY 22-23.