Project nominated for the Excellence in LCA Steelie 2021

This year POSCO launched e-Autopos, a brand comprised of products and solutions prepared for eco-friendly vehicle manufacturers.

Through e-Autopos, customers obtain information regarding pre-manufacturing carbon footprint, processing technology applied in the manufacturing stage, and design solutions that are impactful at the end-user stage.

Using e-Autopos allows POSCO to provide customers with information and services that enable LCA-based assessment of the finished products, which can help them to make informed and optimal material choices.

By offering the processing technology and solutions inherent in e-Autopos, POSCO assists customers in reducing carbon produced in their automobile manufacturing process.

Customers can assess each stage of a product’s life cycle:

  • material manufacturing stage based on POSCO’s high-performance e-Autopos products and EPD certifications
  • vehicle manufacturing stage based on processing technologies
  • use phase based on the reduction, efficiency improvement, and avoided emissions achieved by material and design solutions.

Customers can obtain information from an LCA perspective, and they can also identify the benefits of using POSCO high-performance steel.

Compared to the same period of last year, in the first half year of 2021 there was a 43% increase in high-strength automotive steel product sales.

During the same period, high-efficiency electric steel sales grew by 14%. The avoided emissions estimated based on high-strength automotive steel sales over the first half year of 2021 stands as approximately 1.6 million tonnes of CO2.

Approximately 3.4 million tonnes of CO2 are estimated to have been avoided based on high-efficiency electric steel sales.