Project nominated for the Excellence in LCA Steelie 2022

Bhushan Steel Ltd (BSL) is Tata Steel’s third integrated steel site in India, along with Jamshedpur and Kalinganagar. However, BSL was lacking in having proper systems in place to track and understand the environmental performance of the site and the products that are being manufactured.

Tata Steel has carried out an LCA study for the entire product manufacturing lines of the site to identify the environmental impact of products as well as of the processes of the site, including internal benchmarking with the similar processes at Tata Steel Meramandali (TSM) and in other integrated sites of Tata Steel Limited.

This study helped Tata Steel to identify the environmental performance of their steel products and benchmark the environmental performance compared to similar processes within other sites in Tata Steel Limited.

It also helped understand the hotspots for improvements and was used to showcase the outcome in the CII-ITC’s sustainability award under the Product Responsibility category.

The LCI data also helped in baselining and quantifying the potential benefit of the projects considering the Internal Carbon price, which helped in computing the Carbon Adjusted Internal Rate of Return (CAIRR) for capital allocation.

This project and the initiatives based on this project will help Tata Steel achieve their overall goal of <2 tCO2/t crude steel by the financial year 2025.