Main Gate of Tangsteel with main office building in the back. Tangsteel, Tangshan, China.

Project nominated for the Excellence in Sustainability Steelie Award 2021

HBIS Tangsteel’s unmanned material yard follows the principle of “intelligently leading, practical, reliable, economic, environmental protection,” so that the overall layout and implementation, production technology and equipment level, and process control and management level can achieve a harmonious unity.

The general layout of general and process is rational, saving land and investment, and the function of storage and transportation is perfect.

The design concept is to maximise the use of the site, shorten the distance of raw fuel transportation, and smooth logistics.

The design fully considers the environmental impact, reduces the emission of various pollutants, and allows for clean production.

No materials are stacked in the open air.

Using mature and practical advanced process, technology and equipment at home and abroad, the technical equipment level has reached the leading advanced level in China.

The unmanned material yard ensures long-term, safe and stable production of raw materials, reduces energy consumption, and achieves higher economic benefits.