Project nominated for the Excellence in sustainability Steelie Award 2022

Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Limited (BSRM): An innovative project for utilising 100% induction furnace slag to replace unsustainable fired clay bricks and stone chips

Bangladesh produces 7.5 million tonnes of steel per annum, mainly via induction furnaces. The processing and utilisation of blast furnace slag were not practised due to lack of awareness about the properties and characteristics of induction furnace slag.

BSRM is manufacturing steel from the induction furnace route so the slag generated is processed and utilised mainly in construction. BSRM pioneered the usage of induction furnace slag in Bangladesh to replace crushed bricks.

The primary objective of slag processing is to recover metal from the slag. The secondary objective is to avoid slag dumping in landfills, river banks or sea shores. A further objective is to develop a slag aggregate equivalent to or better than fired clay brick chips that are abundantly used as base course in road construction.