Winner of the Excellence in Sustainability Steelie Award 2021

Zero-carbon Logistics is a logistics sustainability framework focusing on Tata Steel Europe’s outbound deliveries.

Since the launch of Zero-carbon Logistics in May last year, 25 active projects have led to 9,162 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduction in logistics emissions and delivered €3.7million of financial benefits up until June 2021.

Transport-related scope 3 GHG emissions are a minor part of a steel-making company’s total emissions and thus receive little attention.

This programme has raised awareness of transport emissions internally as well as externally with our customers and suppliers across different sectors.

Its goal is to reduce transportation’s impact on climate change and local communities by embedding sustainability in daily logistics operations.

Tata Steel Europe considers logistics sustainability a systems challenge and therefore have put collaboration at the centre of everything we do.

Together with customers and suppliers, the company reduces the impact (not only GHG emissions) of our outbound deliveries.

The level of the sustainability dialogue with our stakeholders has increased due to the more open and transparent collaboration.

Tata Steel Europe believes that logistics sustainability can and should be used to create a competitive advantage.