Steel beams in shipping yard

Project nominated for the Innovation of the Year Steelie 2021

Large structural members are required for long-span beams in high-rise buildings. Nippon Steel Corporation had already established a breakthrough rolling process to manufacture H-beams of uniform outer dimension with various web and flange thicknesses, NSHYPER BEAMs™.

Now Nippon Steel has released the MEGA NSHYPER BEAM™ with an expanded outer depth dimension of up to 1,200mm, about 20% greater than the previous largest dimension of NSHYPER BEAMs™.

The inventive skewed rolling process enabled the production of universal web height dimensions for NSHYPER BEAMs™, providing around 750 combinations of outer dimension, web and flange thicknesses.

The uniform outer dimension with a variety of web and flange thicknesses enabled a simple beam-to-column moment connection design.

There was a limitation in the outer size of NSHYPER BEAMs™ in the conventional rolling process, keeping the form and thickness of its flange and web precise in the manufacturing process.

After 16 years of endeavour, however, Nippon Steel finally established the breakthrough technology to produce the MEGA NSHYPER BEAM™ with a newly invented specialised process.