Blog: COP24 wrap up

17 December 2018

Wrapping up the COP24 blog series, Andrew Purvis gives us an overview of the conclusions reached. A meeting ending, perhaps not in glorious triumph, but with solid progress made. Read more in his blog. Read more

Blog: The circularity of steel

17 December 2018

worldsteel's Head of Strategic Studies, Eldar Askerov, provides us with the highlights from worldsteel's first circular economy conference held in Brussels earlier this year. View the video recordings here too. Read more

Blog: Where does steel stand in all of this?

11 December 2018

Andrew Purvis addresses the role of steel in the climate discussion. While steel is clearly part of the solution, it also needs to play a part in the global mitigation efforts. Read more in his blog. Read more

Blog: Setting the rules for the Paris Agreement

7 December 2018

A worldsteel delegation is attending COP24 in Katowice, Poland, Andrew Purvis, Director, Safety, Health and Environment will keep us up to date with what is happening there. Read his first blog. Read more

Blog: Driving safety performance to the next level

23 October 2018

worldsteel Safety, Health and Environment Director Andrew Purvis puts forward two focus areas to consider to drive safety performance to the next level. Read more

Blog: steelChallenge-13 is open

7 September 2018

Scott Chubbs, Director steeluniversity, gives us insight into the regional distribution of the steelChallenge participants, both student and industry. Will you be taking part in this year's challenge? Read more

Blog – The circular economy: implications for the steel industry

24 August 2018

worldsteel Economics and Statistics Director Dr Nae Hee Han discusses the implications of the implementation of circular economy principles on the steel industry and steel using sectors. Read more

Blog: Steel digital strategy guided by standardisation

15 June 2018

Our Head of Technology, Rizwan Janjua, discusses the benefits of implementing Industry 4.0 technology and why stardardisation is crucial. Read more

Blog: How is the steel industry meeting the challenge of climate change?

30 May 2018

The steel industry is ready to meet the global challenge of climate change by reducing energy and emission intensity across the industry. Read more

Blog: If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it!

17 May 2018

worldsteel's Head of Technology Rizwan Janjua explains why it is crucial for steel companies to quantify and measure their performance against that of other steel companies. Read more