Blog: Accelerating decarbonisation

22 December 2020

worldsteel advocates the need for a three-track parallel approach to accelerate decarbonisation. In his blog, Andrew Purvis, worldsteel Director, Safety, Technology and Environment, discusses what this involves. Read more

Blog: Potential impact of COVID-19 on steel industry trends

1 December 2020

worldsteel Head of Strategic Initiatives and Raw Materials discusses four potential consequences of the accelerated focus on climate and technology for the steel industry. Read more

Blog: Steel Safety Day and the COVID-19 pandemic

11 October 2020

Rightly managing COVID-19 has been getting a lot of attention in all our mills, but we need to remind ourselves constantly that all the 'conventional' safety and health risks are still there. Read more

Blog: Climate – How the steel industry is coping with water scarcity

23 September 2020

Water is vital to make steel. worldsteel Head of Environment and Climate Change, Åsa Ekdhal, discusses how the steel industry is managing water use. Read more

Blog: How hydrogen is gaining momentum in the Chinese steel industry

16 September 2020

Beijing Office Chief Representative Frank Zhong looks at the R&D projects Chinese steel companies have initiated around the use of hydrogen as a replacement for coal, and the challenges ahead. Read more

Blog: Why encourage the use of steel industry co-products?

2 July 2020

worldsteel’s Head of Environment and Climate Change Åsa Ekdahl explains why we should encourage the use of steel industry co-products and the role of policymakers and steelmakers. Read more

Blog: Our journey toward championing sustainability together

8 June 2020

Why is it crucial to raise the bar as high as possible when it comes to sustainability. How does our Steel Industry Champions programme help achieve improvement. Check out our blog to know more. Read more

Blog: COVID-19 and steelmaking raw materials

30 April 2020

Baris Çiftçi, Head, Strategic Initiatives at worldsteel looks at the impact of COVID-19 on the steel industry’s upstream sectors. Read more

Blog: Economic impact of COVID-19 outbreak in China

28 April 2020

worldsteel Beijing Office Chief Representative Frank Zhong provides insight into the impact of COVID-19 on the Chinese steel industry and steel-using sectors. Read more

Blog: Steel Safety Day 2020 postponed

26 March 2020

worldsteel has rescheduled Steel Safety Day from April to October 2020 to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 at steel-producing sites. Read more on our blog. Read more