3 June 2020

On May 28, POSCO launched a sea forest cultivation program in Ulleung Island to mark the National Ocean Day (May 31).

Earlier in the month, POSCO installed 100 Tritons* and 750 Triton blocks underwater and fostered a sea forest reaching 0.4ha in Ulleung Island. The installed Tritons have been acknowledged as artificial reefs by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries. The 100 Tritons were placed on the edge of the sea forest to facilitate the growth of marine algae while 750 Triton blocks were stacked up in the center, serving as a habitat and breeding ground for fish.

* Triton: The name Triton is taken after the god of the sea in Greek mythology. It is an artificial reef brand made with POSCO’s steel slag. The materials used to make Triton has proven to be safe for the environment as well as for marine life.

About 20 attendants were present at the event, including Ulleung Island Governor Byung-Soo Kim, fishermen of Ulleung Island, President of POSCO In-Hwa Chang, and RIST President Seong Yu. They inspected the sea forest site where the artificial reefs were installed.

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