13 September 2023

POSCO will begin joint development of vertiports (takeoff and landing pad), a core infrastructure for commercializing UAM (Urban Air Mobility)*, a future transportation means.

* UAM: A next-generation, high-tech transportation system based on electric power and low-noise aircraft and vertical takeoff and loading pads to safely and conveniently transport people and cargo in urban environments

POSCO signed the MOU for Joint Research of Strategic Technology Development for Future UAM Construction Market with the Korea Airports Corporation and Hanwha Corporation/E&C at the Korea Airports Corporation’s head office on August 23.

Through the joint research, the three companies agreed to establish a standard UAM vertiport model that integrates POSCO’s expertise in developing steel structure utilization technology, the Korea Airports Corporation’s aviation sector expertise, and Hanwha’s design and construction expertise and consider applying it to vertiports at Jamsil MICE and Suseo Station.

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