22 May 2024

Helios is set to showcase its novel carbon-free iron reduction technology, the ‘Helios Cycle’, at the GET Congress & Exhibition in Milan from 1-3 July. The Helios Cycle, a pioneering iron ore reduction technology, has been recognized as one of the top-ranked projects submitted.

Helios’ CEO, Mr. Jonathan Geifman, will take the stage at the GET Project X-change conference on July 2nd at 10 am to present the Helios Cycle. This innovative technology substitutes sodium for carbon to produce green metallic iron powder, suitable for briquetting and compatible with both EAF and BOF and can effectively utilize nun beneficiated low-grade ores as feedstock.

The Helios Cycle operates at 400-600°C and requires iron ore, sodium, and thermal energy. It emits only oxygen and gangue-related byproducts, achieving zero direct CO2 emissions, featuring a sustainable, cost-effective, and thermal recycling mechanism for sodium in a closed-loop system.

Helios is welcoming worldsteel’s members and green steel enthusiasts to attend GET and learn more about its development.


Link to Get Congress & Exhibition: https://www.getcongress.com/forms/delegate-registration-10/

Link to Helios’ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/project-helios_get-congress-we-are-coming-helios-is-coming-activity-7196815233665929218-56LP?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop




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