5 June 2019

Stainless steel straw could see end of single use plastics

As the backlash against plastic continues, the drinking straw is in drastic need of a redesign. Does a collapsible version made from stainless steel hold the answer?

21 May 2019

New steel for oil pipelines prevents leaks

A newly-developed steel grade is improving the integrity of pipelines and reducing the environmental impact of Russia’s oilfields

The Honda Odyssey
29 April 2019

How steel helped create the safest minivan yet

The Honda Odyssey makes innovative use of advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) to increase passenger safety and improve fuel efficiency

23 April 2019

Steel-suspended space lab will mimic lunar environment

The Avatar X space exploration campus in Japan will feature a futuristic robotics research facility suspended on steel cables over a moon-like crater.

8 April 2019

Modern retro racer uses steel for style

Infiniti’s steel-built electric racer combines old-school looks with modern power to create a striking showcase for motorsport’s potential future.

25 March 2019

Steel helps unlock sanitation in India’s schools

India’s steel industry – and steel itself – are indispensable in providing the sanitation facilities that the country’s sustainable development requires

18 March 2019

Steel-built drills key to massive underground infrastructure

Carving their way hundreds of metres below surface-level, tunnel boring machines have revolutionised underground infrastructure.

13 March 2019

Car manufacturers look to steel for stronger, lighter cars

Advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) are helping car manufacturers usher in an era of robust, lightweight vehicles that improve fuel efficiency and lower emissions without compromising on safety.

30 January 2019

Revolution at the heart of green steelmaking

A low-carbon pilot steel production facility in northern Sweden could drastically reduce the industry’s carbon emissions.