There is growing awareness on responsible sourcing and product supply chains relating to minerals and products across the globe.

Attention is broadening to all risks – ranging from biodiversity loss, environmental issues, human rights, health and safety and to preserving rights of indigenous people. As a result, expectations from our customers, investors and other stakeholders are increasing.

For this reason, worldsteel is currently working together with The Dragon Fly Initiative to map the characteristics of the steel industry supply chains and to investigate the environment, social and governance (ESG) impacts related to the steelmaking process.

Below is the representation of the simplified supply chain for the steel industry in line with the OECD Guidelines.

worldsteel has a large and diverse membership, and members’ levels of focus on responsible sourcing, and their familiarity with the subject matter, varies enormously.

Our analysis gives a general overview of the ESG issues that the steel industry faces today, in a format that promotes further investigation, prioritisation and, ultimately, mitigation of adverse impacts in supply chains, in accordance with the OECD approach.

•This insight is applicable for all worldsteel members, at any stage in their responsible sourcing journey.

The world map below assesses the level of risk with regard to responsible sourcing by country. The results are based on the ranking for each of the criteria analysed in the report.

The full report is available to worldsteel member companies on our company extranet (members only).

For more information about the index used, visit the The Dragonfly Initiative website.