Programme nominated for the Excellence in Communications Steelie Award 2023

Tata Steel’s cadre program has been successful in recruiting from top engineering and management institutes for decades, but competition from other sectors on campus has been a challenge. To address this, Tata Steel started student engagement programmes regionally and expanded to all-India campuses initially, diversifying to a broader base of tech schools in 2022, including women, transgender people, researchers, and designers.

As per IMRB Research Study of 2022, Tata Steel’s perception score has improved significantly with 74% respondents (from 36% in 2018) considering us a ‘best-in-class’ company.

In 2022, Tata Steel’s Corporate Communications, HRM, R&D, and Strategy teams have collaborated far more extensively on case studies to showcase our technology-driven products and solutions to the widest and most diverse range of students to date.

Our campus initiatives have been updated to engage the younger generation in addressing new-age problems in the steel industry. The initiatives include case studies  on making steel products, processes, and technologies sustainable, as well as exploring newer alternate materials and other relevant topics. These initiatives are designed to help young people understand the impact of the steel industry on the environment and society, and to encourage them to find innovative solutions to these challenges. The program structure allows for deeper engagement between leadership and students and provides riveting experiences at our plants and research facilities.

These initiatives are changing young people’s perceptions of the steel industry and the opportunities available within it by exposing them to the real world. We have also forged new tie-ups with professionalstudent-focused implementation partners, introduced campus ambassadors, proactively engaged with on-campus committees and SPOCs, had our senior bench as part of campus drives/mentorship, used targeted digital communication, and presented attractive prizes and PPO opportunities.

As a result, our reach has expanded to over 270 campuses in India over the last year. These programmes have produced remarkable results for Tata Steel, which has consistently ranked high in independent industry rankings such as Randstad and Unstop.

We secured the third spot in the Randstad Employer Brand Research ranking 2023 and the 12th spot in the Top 25 Dream Companies by Unstop awards. Additionally, we were recognised as the Global Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Lighthouse 2023 by the World Economic Forum, making us the only Indian company in the list of eight global companies.

Lastly, we were awarded the IWEI Gold Standard Employee for 2020, 2021, and 2022.