18 Jul 2018 - Ouro Branco, Brazil - Gerdau Ouro Branco steel plant. © Bernal Revert/ BR&U

Programme nominated for the Excellence in Education and Training Steelie Award 2023

The Culture path aims to train the company’s entire leadership in Gerdau Culture behaviours to achieve our aspiration: We will be, within 10 years, one of the safest, most profitable and admired companies in the global steel value chain, and one of the most important in the Americas.

The three behaviours that underpin our culture are:

  • Openness with truth and respect
  • Raising the bar every day
  • Ownership mindset

To disseminate our practice of ‘openness with truth and respect’, the following learning tools were developed:

  • Pre-workshop, i.e. two online courses on Gerdau Culture: Gerdau climb and tools that leverage our culture
  • Workshop on openness with truth and respect

The aim of the six-hour workshop is for leaders to reinforce the concept of openness with truth and respect, and for attendees to engage in activities such as case resolution, discussions and role playing that involve practical situations for applying this Gerdau culture behaviour. One innovation involved leaders in delivering the workshops, together with an HR professional.

The objective is for the results to be reflected in opinion surveys, attracting and retaining talents and applying the behaviour to the organisation’s routine conversations, thus generating innovation, critical thinking, continuous improvement and expansion of business results.

  • 4,196 company leaders with global reach participated in the training.
  • 99% of participants rated the workshop as very good or good.
  • 92% of participants rated the content as highly applicable to their work.
  • 82% of participants rated the workshop as a 9 or 10.