18 Jul 2018 - Ouro Branco, Brazil - Gerdau Ouro Branco steel plant. © Bernal Revert/ BR&U

Programme nominated for the Excellence in Education and Training Steelie Award 2023

Many steel mills handle flammable gases, and a worker’s error can lead to serious accidents such as explosions and CO poisoning. In the past, experienced operators carried out such gas handling operations with the skills and know-how accumulated through years of experience.

However, a generational shift in employees has progressed, and the personnel structure has become extremely young. (As of April 2022, the ratio of employees who have worked less than 10 years was approximately 45%.)

We have developed an online and tablet-based technology acquisition support system and a task support system that enable inexperienced employees to reliably learn tasks. We named the system J-SOAS (JFE‘s Safety Operating Assistance System).

Work standards, which were previously paper documents, have been digitised to make work procedures visible on smartphones and tablets.

  • It has become possible to guide work procedures using smartphones and tablets at work sites.
  • During the actual OJT training, it has become easier for instructors and colleagues to manage the work’s progress and look back after the work.

As a result, it has become possible to use this system to teach safe and efficient work procedures to less experienced workers. It works effectively for skill transfer in gas handling operations, which are infrequent and often unsteady.

At present, its use has expanded to include periodic inspections of equipment and condition-setting work. As of April 2023, this system has been deployed to all of the company’s steel mills.