Programme nominated for the Excellence in Education and Training Steelie Award 2023

Every year, the Technician Level (TL) Programme measures the technical skills proficiency of our operators and technicians. On a scale from TL1 to TL5, the highest level (TL5) is eligible for the title of master, an honorary recognition bestowed upon only a select few.

Level designation motivates staff to seek continuous professional development and helps to bridge the widening skills gap, an outcome of mass retirement.

On the TL scale, TL1 and 2 work under supervision to acquire theoretical knowledge and skills. TL3 can complete most tasks without supervision to make necessary improvements to prevent quality issues or mechanical malfunctions. They take intermediate-level training, draft patent applications and archive technical know-how obtained on the job.

TL4 and 5 are nationally acknowledged professionals or world-class experts with official certifications; they are responsible for on-site risk identification and mitigation.

Launched in 2015, the programme has recognised 10,759 employees with cash awards. Twenty-three have gained the title of master, eligible for prize money and job promotion.

The master’s name and photo plaque is entered in the company’s Hall of Fame. While the TL Programme encourages employees to develop job skills and to record and transfer knowledge, a master trains staff and troubleshoots issues on-site. In 2022, when a massive flood inundated our steelworks, the professional masters were instrumental in restoring operations from the total devastation in 135 days.

The impact of the programme is widely recognised, evidenced by numerous manufacturers who benchmark our scheme to promote professional workforce development and encourage technology transfer.